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Street Sweeping Services

Street sweeping is very important to trust to anyone! APC 4 Clean is a reputable street sweeper services operator available to meet your needs. We are specialized in providing councils with high-quality street sweeping services across Orange County, Los Angeles, Riverside County and Bernardino County within California. APC 4 Clean has a well maintained, Full time office staff, Trained and Drug Tested Drivers, Prevailing Wage and Certified Payroll. Powerful Equipment, Dust Control Water, Per Sweep Pricing, Steel Gutter Brooms, Sweeping with the Flow of Traffic, No Backpack Blowing Option, Big Sweepers, Little Sweepers, New Construction Sweeping, Dirt Haul, road Work, Dust Free Services, High Dumping Capabilities, Externally Maneuverable, Water Free, Pre Scrubbing Preparation, Propane Powered, Warehouse Sweeping, Parking Structure Sweeping and Tenant Improvement at affordable rates;

  • Sweeping Services
  • Parking Lot Sweeping Services
  • Industrial Buildings School Sweeping Services
  • Mobile Home Parks Apartments Services
  • Self Storage Sweeping Services
  • Night Sweeping for Parking Lots and Office Complexes
  • Municipal Street Sweeping Services
  • Commercial Property Sweeping
  • Storm Water / Catch Basin Cleaning
  • Hospital Sweeping Services
  • Universities Sweeping Services
  • Communities Sweeping Services
  • Government, Semi-Government and Private sector’s Sweeping Services
  • Street Sweeping Services Orange County
  • Street Sweeping Services Los Angeles
  • Street Sweeping Services Riverside County
  • Street Sweeping Services San Bernardino County

Before we get start on any sweeping job first step is to assess the Pavement Asset list and devise a quality sweeping program, determining the correct levels of sweeping required to fulfill your objectives. APC 4 Clean then develops a plan customized to the local area. With over 15 years of experience since 1998, we have professional expertise necessary to develop modern methods and operating procedures that highly ensure best quality, dependable street sweeping programs.

APC 4 Clean is the best choice for any private sector application including spray sealing asphalt and large infrastructure projects. Alongside APC 4 Clean strict Safety First Focus, all APC 4 Clean drivers are Fully Trained and Independently Certified. This means you can be assured of a safe and OHS compliant job site. We are the contractors you can rely on to get the job done on time, every time. We provide help to your community the look and feel that your family deserves.

We service over 50 communities every week just like yours. In addition to helping your community look great, regular sweeping increases asphalt life, reduces debris being tracked into homes and garages, increases property values, and generally increases the quality of life in the neighborhood.

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