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Graffiti Removal Services

Graffiti is a colorful work done on walls, stones, bricks, concrete, sidewalks, plastics, stone walls and on woods with so many stuff like paint, spray, lip stick, shoe polish, markers, stencils and etching products; Graffiti can be done by drawing or spraying. APC 4 Clean is focused in working with large outdoor shopping areas, big management companies, historical places and other businesses. APC 4 Clean is expert in Graffiti Removal Services California with all latest and safe Graffiti removing material. We make available our services to our clients on emergency base services with our professionals who exactly know what to use and how to use according to the surface of graffiti. APC 4 Cleans’ professionals splendidly know and identify the surface whether it is stone, concrete, wall, stone wall, brick, aluminum siding, bus shelter, street sign or any other type of surface, and stuff to be removed.

APC 4 Clean professional team recognizes very well the exact and quick Graffiti removal Services method. We are serving our Graffiti Removal Services in Orange County, Riverside County, Los Angeles and Bernardino County by our Power Washing Services in California. We have specialized equipments, environmental considerations and well trained professionals for reaching the satisfaction level of our clients. APC 4 Clean consumes power washers, pressure washers and jet washers in our Graffiti Removal Services.

APC 4 Clean offers

  • Parking lot Cleaniing services and Parking Lots Striping Services
  • Parking lot signage services
  • Pole painting removing services
  • Wheel stop striping Restriping Inside warehouse striping
  • Fire lane striping services
  • Speed bump striping services
  • Stencil painting (No Parking, Stop, One Way, or custom)
  • Traffic arrows cleaning
  • Traffic line marking services
  • Line removal services
  • Safety aisles services
  • Warehouses graffiti removal
  • Handicap symbols removal
  • Shipping and receiving areas striping services
  • Stencil painting removal
  • Curb painting removal
  • Pavement markings on new construction and existing properties services
  • Pressure washing and recovery service
  • Sandblasting to remove existing pavement markings
  • Preformed Thermo Plastic
  • Signage and Appurtenances
  • Buttons and Markers removal
  • Safety Aisles and Warehouse markings
  • High Performance Materials

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