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Emergency Spill Response Services

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Minor spills could make big problems if compare to clean up costs, APC 4 Clean Emergency Spill Response Services in California are highly focused to minimize the hazardous materials and chemical effects to human health. We have 15 years of experience of environmental industry since 1998. Our spill response staff is highly skilled and professional with modern techniques using latest equipments in Orange County, Riverside County, Los Angeles County and Bernardino County.

Best Emergency Spill Response Services

APC 4 Clean had always reached within time on all our past emergencies response. Our spill response specialist always remains available until the whole situation is under controlled. Our well-equipped crew at your services e.g. chemist, technician, Manager and Heavy equipment operator. We provide safe transportation after pick up and maintain a fleet of highly professional vehicles dedicated to the transportation of hazardous and non-hazardous wastage. We ensure complete control on the whole process using our own exclusive vehicles we owned and operated. APC 4 Clean planning is comprehensive full of response and capable to handle labiality management including:

APC 4 Clean compressed gas and solid Spills; handle a broad range of liquid, including:

  • Spill Response Services
  • Response Plans and Prevention
  • Support for Emergency Response
  • Fate Modeling and Oil Trajectory
  • Process Hazard Analysis
  • Drills and Training Programs
  • Damage Assessment of Natural Resource
  • Habitat Restoration Services
  • Risk Assessment of Environmental
  • Environmental Resource Management and Economics
  • Best Demonstrated Available Disposal Technology for Waste Generated from Spill
  • Site Closure Sampling and Analysis
  • Truck and Rail Tanker Spills (Oil, Gas, Diesel Fuel)
  • Leaking Drums
  • Underground Utility Vault Decontamination/Acid/Base Spills
  • Unknown Abandoned Drums
  • Manufacturing facility Fires
  • Cyanide Spills
  • Pesticide Spills
  • Chemical Warfare or Acutely Toxic Materials
  • Response to notice of non-compliance advisory letters from state or federal EPA on behalf of client
  • Explosive and Shock Sensitive Materials
  • Gaseous Material Leaks
  • PCB Transformers
  • Mercury Spills
  • Industrial Spills and Leaks
  • Clandestine Drug Laboratory Decommissioning
  • Train Derailments
  • Post Fire/Flood Clean-up
  • Incompatible Materials Reactions
  • Aircraft and Marine Accident Clean-ups
  • Motor Vehicle Accidents and Rollovers
  • Pipeline Breaks
  • Radioactive Leaks
  • Mercury Spills
  • Clandestine Drug Lab Decontamination Worker and Supervisor

APC 4 Clean has worked as Emergency Spill Response Services Company in a country like USA with broad range of facilities we have provided to over the municipalities, pipelines, marine terminals, oil spill cooperatives, power plants, offshore facilities, production facilities and refineries etc. Either it’s a minor fuel leak or a severe oil tanker spill emergency or any other environmental emergency on land or in the waterway, APC 4 Clean supervise whole the emergency situation from beginning to final cleanup and after that processing of final waste disposal.